Abstract: Cyber Security is the protection of all internet connected networks and includes all the techniques (technologies, processes and controls) used to protect the usability, reliability, integrity and safety of all the end-points i.e. computers, programs and data from unauthorized access, from damage or from cyber-attacks that are aimed for exploitation. On the other hand, Network Security is the protection of all network devices and includes the techniques to protect the usability, reliability, integrity and safety of the network devices. Almost all enterprises, corporate networks and data centers are connected to the internet either directly or through centralized data centers, hence cyber security and network security is of utmost importance for any company. Cyber Security objectives include (i) Reducing enterprise risk and protecting the business, (ii) Moving from reactive response to proactive mitigation, (iii) Increase visibility over the environment, and (iv) Meeting the compliance/regulatory requirements. One major component of a comprehensive Cyber Security solution is to have a state-of-the-Art Security Operations Centers (SOC). A SOC can protect mission-critical data and assets, can prepare for and respond to cyber emergencies, can help provide continuity and efficient recovery and can fortify the business infrastructure. The SOC's major responsibilities are to monitor, analyze, correlate & escalate Intrusion events, to develop appropriate responses, to protect, detect, respond, to conduct incident management and forensic investigation, to maintain security community relationships and to assist in crisis operations. The SOC must demonstrate compliance with regulations, protect intellectual property and ensure privacy properly, manage security operations effectively and efficiently, provide real-time insight into the current security posture of your organization, provide security intelligence and the impact of threats on the organization and enable an organization to know who did what, when - and prove it (evidence).

Dr. Atif Khan ( Information Technology Consultant Princeton, New Jersey, USA )

Dr. Atif Khan

Expertise in the Network Architecture & Design of the state-of-the-art networks, with main areas of expertise in:
Cisco ACI: An SDN based Data Center Virtualization Solution
VMWare NSX: An SDN based Data Center Virtualization Solution
Advanced Data Center Designs (Power, Space, Cooling, Capacity, Compute & Scaling)
Traditional Data Center Designs (Unified Compute, Virtualization, Nexus)
Integrated Advanced Network Architecture Designs (Network and Compute Virtualization, Storage Area Networking-SAN, Routing/Switching, Security, MPLS, VoIP/Collaboration and Enterprise/SMB Wireless, Multicast & QoS)
Technology Training