Abstract: Sustainable construction refers to a structure, the construction process and occupancy processes that are environmentally responsible and resource efficient throughout a building's life-cycle from location to design, construction operation, maintenance, renovation, and demolition. Sustainable construction is generally used to describe the application of sustainable development to the construction industry. Sustainability leads to a better quality of life; not only for those in the sustainable site, but for all of us. We will discuss the triple bottom line and the themes of environmental, social, and economic accountability; and the life cycle of a building and the construction process. Multiple areas of sustainability have been considered, including green home building, the commercial industry, sustainable materials, and their overlapping parts. Included are quick statistics and charts showing data from the leading members of sustainability, USGBC (United States Green Building Council) and LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). Also included are the world's leaders in sustainability, the nations' leaders, and some of their most notable projects.

Prof. Dr. S. Mehmood Ahmed ( East Carolina University )

Prof. Dr. S. Mehmood Ahmed

Dr. S.Mehmood Ahmed is Chair and Professor at Department of Construction Management at East Carolina University USA. He obtained his BSc Civil Engineering from UET Lahore in 1984. Later he completed his MS and PhD Civil Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology, GA, USA. He is involved in teaching and research as full time faculty since 1995, when has was lecturer at Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Later he joined Florida International University (FIU) and remained there for about 12 years in capacities Assistant Professor, Associated Professor and Graduate Program Director. In 2010, he joined ECU as full professor and head at the Construction Management department. He also worked with various construction Engineering firm as consultant including McDonald Layton and Company, CRSS-AMC and CDA. Dr. Ahmad is theauthor of more than 100 research papers, published in refereed journals and conferences. He is the chair of two series of conferences i.e Intentional Conference on Constructions In Twenty First Century (CITC) and International Conference on Construction In Development Countries (ICCIDC). He co-authored 4 books on Construction Management, Lean Construction, Quality Management and Decsion Making in Constrcution management.