Abstract: Among the significant emerging trends in the professional as well academic realms is the democratization of knowledge. World's leading institutions have begun to shift their approach to open access formats for publications and course contents. In the profession of Architecture specifically there is an emergent interest in participation and inclusion of non-experts in expert level decision-making. Dr. Mohammad Ashraf will briefly share selected illustrative examples from the field of Science dissemination in general and PSD in particular to discuss the implications of this emerging trend for academicians and practitioners in Pakistan.

Dr. Mohammad Ashraf Khan ( Austrailia MPCATP, PGCB (Life Member Lead-AP) )

Dr. Mohammad Ashraf Khan

Dr. Mohammad Ashraf Khan holds a doctorate in participatory spatial design (PSD) from the Sydney School of Architecture, University of Sydney. He has taught at the University of Technology, Sydney and also at NED University of Technology, Karachi. His professional experience includes serving as Project Architect for the 'Self Help Schools Construction Program' of the Aga Khan Foundation, under which he supervised the construction of more than fifty village-level small school buildings in Gilgit and Chitral. Topics of his publications include community participation, locative media and augmented reality. Currently he is on a visit to Pakistan for two years in connection with a project aimed at the introduction of low-cost earthquake-resistant construction in northern regions of Pakistan.